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Freelance Web Developer

UC Davis School of Law - Laguna Hills High School, Drama Department - Pernille Damgaard - Wright Capacitors, Inc. -

Garrett Woods is a freelance web developer with more than 10 years professional experience developing custom websites and rich internet applications. His breadth of professional experience provides a tangible advantage in a crowded market.

Website Design and Development

Garrett creates tailored, professional, fast, and standards-compliant websites which include new and state-of-the-art technologies without excluding visitors that are unable to support them.

ROI, SEO, and
Optimization Analysis

He provides services for existing websites to update dated content; provide an optimal return on investment; in addition to providing advanced features through progressive enhancement.

Business Computer Solutions

He is an expert in cloud-based computing services for businesses including email, off-site storage, data backup, and on-site hardware and software solutions.