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Electric Field Vectors

Number of monopoles: 1

About the simulation

This simulation is using an HTML 5 canvas to dynamically draw a representation of the electric field from the given number of electric monopoles. It is intended to test the limits of functionality of computing and rendering a large amount of information on an in-browser canvas. The red dots are positively charged poles and the blue dots are negatively charged. The lines running throughout the canvas represent the direction of the total force which would be felt by a positive test charge placed at that point.

Why is this useful, you ask?

This entire simulation is being created without the use of a browser plugin. Before the conception of HTML 5, in order to accomplish this sort of animation one would need a browser plugin. A plugin is essentially a tunnel from a website to a small program installed on your computer. If a website requires the plugin and a user doesn't have it installed, the user cannot interact with the webpage. One prominent example of this is Adobe's flash plugin with is commonly used to render videos embedded in webpages.

This is just a first release of the simulator, and there are certainly a few bugs so check back every now and then to find something new. If you like what you see, or have questions feel free to let me know.

Future plans and features in development

Allow the user to place the monopoles where ever they like by clicking on the canvas
Enable the canvas to update itself so you can watch the monopoles move under the forces they feel.
Set different charge strengths for each monopole as they are created.

Known Issues

Occasionally there is an error in the way the canvas renders forces directly horizontal and vertical from a monopole.