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What I Do:  Take charge professional skilled in customer service, operations and problem solving. Hands-on leader with strong analytical and team building talents. Delivers outstanding solutions by applying exceptional interpersonal skills and keen business insights. Effective leader utilizing creative techniques consistently delivering bottom line results.

Who I am:  United States Citizen, interests include medical physics, biological applications of physics and Internet technology. Competent programmer in C++, Javascript, PHP, XSLT, HTML, CSS. Well informed and experienced with UNIX, Linux, Windows, and Mac environments. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.


A career in a scientific or computer science related field.


Fuse Interactive

2010-present, Laguna Beach, CA
Development Engineer
  • Specialized in development of seatback In Flight Entertainment units for major airlines worldwide.
  • Heavy Javascript, jQuery, and optimized web application framework development.

UC Davis School of Law

2008 - 2010, Davis, CA
Web Developer
  • Completely rebuilt main website and multiple student group websites (
  • Became an expert in the use of the Cascade Server content management system (XML/XSLT base).
  • Rewrote all website javascript using jQuery platform.
  • Constructed an interactive digital signage platform using touchscreens and HTML 5.

Wright Capacitors, Inc.

Summer 2008, Santa Ana, CA
Intern/Web Developer
  • Completely rebuilt and redesigned the company website using modern and responsive coding. (
  • Went through the QA Process of building and delivering a custom built ceramic capacitor.

UC Davis Internship & Career Center

2006-2007 , Davis, CA
Student Assistant III
  • Gained knowledge of UCD computing practices and security requirements.
  • Facilitated troubleshooting and updating of ICC website, networking, applications and computer systems.
  • Updated ICC website to version 5.0 using HTML, PHP, Javascript, and CSS. (

UPS Store 0115

2002-2006, Laguna Hills, CA
Operations Manager
  • Performed customer service for profitable franchise location in high-traffic shopping center, gaining complete knowledge of day-to-day operations of a UPS Store.
  • Promoted to Manager within a year, supervising 7 employees.
  • Responsible for cash register sales, product ordering, packaging and stocking, and resolution of complaints.
  • Performed computer upgrades and repairs, software installations for company equipment and proprietary franchise systems.


1999-2002, Laguna Hills, CA
Technical Assistant
  • Performed computer hardware and software system maintenance as well as customer service duties.
  • Office Task Manager, troubleshooting problem systems and resolving system conflicts.
  • Currently head developer for website of 2 prominent SurEmail clients.


2005-2010 - Davis, CA

University of California, Davis majoring in Physics with emphasis in Astrophysics and a Minor in History.

2001-2005 - Laguna Hills, CA

Laguna Hills High School


  • Skilled in the use of Root, Igor, Kalieda Graph, and OSLO software packages.
  • Extensive knowledge of jQuery.
  • Extensive computer knowledge in both hardware, software, Windows, Mac, and Linux environments.
  • Able to relay technical information to persons of any skill or knowledge level.
  • Dependable team player with strong work ethic.
  • Work well in team-related as well as solo projects.
  • Specialization in cloud-based computing and social media.


Available upon request. Please contact me.

Awards & Achievements

  • Recipient of University Grant for Academic Achievement all three quarters for the 2009-2010 year.
  • Laguna Hills High School's Most Improved Swimmer for 2001 & 2005.

Extracurricular Activities and Other Work Experience

  • Volunteer for the Miracles for Kids backpack program.
  • Counselor at Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times.
  • Member of UC Davis Physics Club.
    • Donated 4 hours a week for tutoring in Physics.
    • Performed the 'Airzooka' and 'Bed of Nails' bits in the Physics Picnic Day Show.
    • Regular guide to prospective physics undergraduates visiting Davis.
  • Employed by UC Davis Internship and Career Center (1 year) and UC Davis School of Law (2 Years) as computer programmer and integral part of website development team. (Approx 20 hrs/wk).
    • Designed, developed and coded a new website to department specifications.
    • Transitioned data storage from flat file to XML database for use with a content management system.
    • Responsible for maintenance and information acquisition from other units in the department.
  • Freelance web designer throughout duration of undergraduate education.
    • 13 different clients over 5 years (including business, non-profit and charity organizations).
  • Active Computer Consultant to multiple companies throughout California.
    • Expert in cloud-based computing solutions.
    • Specialization in social media campaigns for business.
    • iPhone and Google support international project team leader.
    • Coordinated projects between offices in France, Vietnam and the United States.

Courses Completed


(textbook used in italics)
  • Classical Physics (3 Quarters, Sears & Zemansky's University Physics)
  • Modern Physics (1 Quarter, Randy Harris' Modern Physics)
  • Computational Physics Lab (1 Quarter, Yevick's Computational Physics and Object-Oriented Programming with C++)
  • Analytical Mechanics (2 Quarters, Morin's Introduction to Classical Mechanics)
  • Mathematical Physics (1 Quarter, Matthews & Walker's Mathematical Methods of Physics)
  • Electricity & Magnetism (2 Quarters, Griffith's Introduction to Electrodynamics)
  • Quantum Mechanics (2 Quarters, Griffith's Introduction to Quantum Mechanics)
  • Cosmology (1 Quarter, Ryden's Introduction to Cosmology)
  • Astrophysics (3 Quarters, Carroll & Ostilie's An Introduction to Modern Astrophysics)
  • Thermodynamics & Statistical Mechanics (1 Quarter)
  • Particle Physics (1 Quarter, Griffith's Introduction to Elementary Particles and Perkins' Introduction to High Energy Physics)
  • Advanced Particle Physics Lab (1 Quarter)
  • Optics (1 Quarter, Pedrotti's Introduction to Optics)
  • Optics Lab (1 Quarter)


  • Bioengineering (1 Quarter, Saterbak, McIntire, and San's Bioengineering Fundamentals)
  • Natural History of Infectious Diseases (1 Quarter)

Other Relevant Courses

  • Calculus (4 Quarters)
  • Vector Analysis (1 Quarter)
  • Linear Algebra (1 Quarter)
  • Differential Equations (1 Quarter)
  • Chemistry (1 Quarter)
  • Writing Techniques (2 Quarters)