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Solutions For Your Business

Past solutions have included:

Voicemail Transcription
Secure Data Removal
Global Document Collaboration
On & Off Site Data Backups
Hardware & Software Upgrades
Audio & Video Conversion
Tape Digitization

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Many business professionals are the masters of their game, but few have the time to worry about the latest in cutting edge technology. That's where Garrett can help. Garrett is an expert in applying new technologies to old problems and finding simple & innovative solutions to the complexities of your business.


Google Apps Integration

With Gmail on your domain you get all the power of a custom email system with the simplicity of webmail. With 7 Gigabytes of storage per account, Postini spam filtering & protection, and instant mobile access, it's your one stop for business email.

Share your calendar with co-workers, send invites & track RSVPs. Google Calendar allows you to easily coordinate schedules in your office and beyond.

With real-time document, spreadsheet, and presentation collaboration Google Docs allows you and your co-workers to work on the same document from different rooms or different countries. Version controlling and easy rollbacks are built in so you never have to worry about that accidental deletion ever again.

Reliable Website & File Hosting

You never have to worry about server configurations again. With deluxe hosting, all configuration is taken care of.

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Secure access to your site (SSL, SFTP).
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • User tracking, reporting, and analytics.
  • Plans as inexpensive as $55 per year.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With search engine optimization you can rest assured that your website will be easily found by your customers. This includes all relevant metadata for your site, keyword & traffic analysis, and clean, fast code.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a fantastic way to keep your customers involved in your business. Through social media you get free advertising to dedicated customers and their friends. Start creating a social buzz about your business or product today!

Analog & Digital Media Conversions

Convert those old tapes of training materials into high quality DVDs or digital video. Move your media into the digital age so you never have to worry about loosing that tape again.

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